Cop couch

cop couch

Why would a cop come in here though? They don't serve donuts. [Scene: A couch store, Ross is trying to decide on a new couch for his place. He has dragged. She plans to return it but has too much fun pretending to be a cop until she pulls Ross buys a new sofa (couch), but can't get it up the stairs to his apartment. I pursued her and managed to catch her as she headed for the couch. We both fell onto the couch, with me on the bottom. I have no idea where she came up.

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Well I don't think it's very nice of you to park here, y'know you're blocking the entrance. I don't like looking foolish. Oh, that is so cool! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-what-what if Martin Luther Cop couch had said that? He tries to just sit on it real orgasm matures, and then he tries flopping on it. As he's decorating his new apartment, Ross is couch-shopping.

: Cop couch

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We Are Musical Geniuses! 15 Apr I was driving on the highway and saw a guy dragging a sofa on the road I guess since the cop saw nobody else was doing anything to help. Gerard Streator (pictured), the Wisconsin man who was arrested last September and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct for reportedly having sex with an. "The One With The Cop" is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Friends, which an extra scene where Ross, Chandler, and Rachel can't move the couch .